Why choose embroidery logo for bags?

Why choose embroidery logo for bags?

The promotional bags have different logo types such as embroidery, screen print, heat transfer, dry sublimation, or if laminated bag,to make additional logo mould.


In the simplest of definitions, embroidery represents the process where a thread is stitched into a custom product such as shirts,jackets and bags. Embroidery allows you to easily create a more professional look that is more durable than the standard inks as with screen printing.

With this technique, the logo is reproduced courtesy of directly stitching threads into fabric.Usually, the stitching process is fully automatic; a procedure that is done by computerized embroidery machinery. A great deal of the commercial embroidery machines features 12 or more sewing heads comprising up to 15 needles per head.

This is to say that it is possible to embroider 12 items simultaneously and the logo may use up to 15 different thread colors-a process known as digitizing. The final product is a logo file or program which can be uploaded to embroidery machines; subsequently instructing them what to stitch.

Why Embroidery?

The embroidery digitizing process is favorable for most fabrics provided; there is a correct type and amount of backing. Nonetheless, materials such as nylon,polyester,cordura, which are relatively stable and dense, are more embroidery-friendly and therefore mandate for little backing.

In essence, the more stable and denser a material is, the better the outcome. For instance, twill is quite a stable and dense material. Apparel comprising performance features can usually be slightly challenging. Such material is relatively easy to stretch, and as such, if you make your thread tensions too tight or pull it too tight, like non woven,or very thin polyester,such polyester 190t and polyester 210d,it can result in a lot of puckering or broken.

In essence, too much stitching and too much density can result in some distortion.

Embroidery is quite costlier than screen printing although just like screen printing, the more pieces you do,the lower the price. What’s more, pricing on embroidery is determined by how many stitches are on the client’s logo as well as the total number of pieces to be embroidered.Normally the price for 1000stitches is about $0.03-$0.04.

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