5 Effective, No-Cost Ways to Market your Business with Promotional Bags

5 Effective, No-Cost Ways to Market your Business with Promotional Bags

Thinking about how to use your custom promotional bags and totes? This article is for you!

Here is the thing. Many businesses use promotional products for advertising and marketing. But not all of them get results. In fact, it is likely that a target customer will love, adore and use your custom promotional bags and totes without ever choosing your business.

In this way, even after successfully marketing, your promotional product gets hit while your business doesn’t. As suppliers of quality, custom promotional bags and totes, we hear a lot of businesses sharing their marketing failures.

Therefore, today, we planned to sit down with our team and ask them to spill the beans for you. Here are five ways you can make sure that your custom promotional bags and totes are actually promoting your business.

  1. Branding your Business Uniquely

First things first. Let us tell you that the first step should be getting a professional brand name, logo and tagline. Your success in building your brand individuality will determine the power of your promotional products.

Therefore, we cannot stress on having a professional brand logo and tagline. Whatever product you choose, your tagline will be very important in conveying a message about your products/services.

Moreover, your logo should be unique so it will leave a lasting impression. For example, if your logo for a handmade jewelry business looks like your competitor’s, the customers won’t distinguish it from the other.

Be different, be better when branding your business.

  1. Choosing Promotional Items, the Effective Way

Let your custom promotional bags and totes not just be another promotional item in the stack. Make it individual.

  • Quality is a must. If your promotional item is of low quality, it will indicate that you are ready to compromise on quality. We know that price is an important factor in determining what products you choose. But with a little market research, you can find high-quality promotional bags at much cheaper prices.
  • Choose something that is useful and can grab the target customer’s attention.  For instance, even in promotional bags, you will be wowed by the variety that is available. From custom promotional bags and totes to personalized backpacks or cooler bags, the choices are endless.
  • When choosing promotional bags, look for colors that complement your brand’s logo. Also, choose bags with base colors on which your brand logo and tagline will pop. The more vivid your logo and tagline are, the better visibility your business will receive.

  1. Choosing Useful Information to Convey

On promotional items, people don’t need stories or long details. especially on custom promotional bags and totes, if you expect customers to use them all the time, don’t fill them with boring details.

Instead of sharing the story behind your brand on the promotional product, share your website URL. This will give people the chance to explore your brand themselves.

You can also add links to your social media including Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. You can also add a customer service number that people can use to inquire about your business.

  1. Print QR Codes

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode. Users can scan it to access exclusive content.

Print QR codes on your promotional products. Remember if you are using custom promotional bags and totes, print the QR code on a tag attached to the bag.

This will help in making sure that there is no print issue. And, that the QR codes will work. You can invite customers to access exclusive data through the QR codes.

For instance, if you are using promotional products for advertising your kid’s education website, QR codes can allow customers access to:

  • Educational videos for Kids
  • Playlists of Kid’s Poems
  • Educational Content for Parents
  • Discount Codes or Free-Trial Codes
  • Free Downloads
  • Printable Activities for Kids

  1. Discounts and Promotions

Another great way of making sure your promotional products are effective is to offer discounts. Use your promotional items to share special deals with your customers.

You can also use them to send discount coupon codes. Ask target customers to join your website, buy your product and order your service.

The discount code can offer as much as you like. A great way to make sure that customers keep coming is to offer a deal of discounts. For example, Use code ABCXYZ123 to receive 40% off on your first order, and 10% off on your next three orders. Add a deadline like an offer is valid till March,30.

Wrapping Up…

These tips will help in making sure that your promotional products are doing what they are meant to do. And, that is marketing your business. Next time you order custom promotional bags and totes, don’t forget to use these simple and no-cost marketing strategies.

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