Coronavirus & Promotional Industry—The Impact on the Pandemic on Businesses and What you can Do…

Coronavirus & Promotional Industry—The Impact on the Pandemic on Businesses and What you can Do…

Coronavirus is affecting every business and every industry.  Where does the promotional industry stand at the times of the pandemic?

Coronavirus is not a new virus. It is a large family of viruses that are found in both humans and animals. However, the COVID-19 strain of the virus is a new one.

In this article, we will share all the information you need to know about the coronavirus and the promotional industry. We will talk in detail about how the Coronavirus can affect your promotional products. We will also discuss what measures we are talking to ensure that we work on your products in a safe environment.

What is the impact of Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus hasn’t left any place untouched. Everyone, from families to businesses, is being affected. The virus has changed societal norms all around the world. Social distancing has become the new buzz phrase.

Everyone is worried about how the current situation will affect their industry. The promotional bags industry is no different. We are also being affected. The global epidemic is causing disruptions everywhere.

Coronavirus and the Promotional Industry

Due to the present situation, many promotional product businesses have not been able to order materials. Most manufacturers and suppliers of promotional products operate through China. With the COVID-19 virus on the lose, and travel restrictions coming in effect, businesses were sure to shut down.

However, some of the leading suppliers work in various areas. They work with manufacturers and use warehouses all across the US. So, they can continue to operate even with travel restrictions.

That being said, like every other industry, the promotional industry will suffer due to the virus. According to some business experts, the promotional industry will feel the hitch for a while, and then boom.


What can you do?

Being a supporter of small businesses, we understand times are hard for everyone. BUT, now is the time to adapt, learn and act fast. Now is the time to be positive. This will be over soon. And, we will make it through the pandemic.

Now is high time that you let promotional bags speak for your business. Now is the time to show your customers you care.

In a time where everyone is lost in a sea of confusion and uncertainty, your business can send a promotional bag as a gift. People will appreciate your support and remember your business.

These days many businesses are on the verge of collapsing. Make your customers remember you by sending a small, customized bag of care. Inside the bag, you can add sanitizers, hand soaps, disinfecting wipes and informative flyers or pamphlets.


How to order products safely?

[We are also helping our clients in planning how they can use promotional products. We can have an online meeting with you.]

We understand that many people are skeptical about ordering products online. However, we are ensuring that you can order and receive your products safely.

The biggest advantage of ordering promotional products is that you don’t have to leave your homes. Ordering your promotional product is just a click away at our website.

Furthermore, the likelihood of the virus being transmitted with a parcel or package is quite low. Coronavirus is known to spread through respiratory droplets. The workers ensure that they are wearing masks all the time. So, you do not need to worry about that.

Also, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains it as follows: “it is very unlikely that the virus will persist on a surface after it has been moved, traveled, and exposed to different conditions and temperatures.”

If there are any delays in the delivery of your order, we will make sure to keep you updated. Your safety is our top priority, and we will ensure contactless delivery for your orders.

Please make sure to inform us if you are still receiving orders at your office. If you are not, we can easily change the shipping location.


How is our company making sure you stay safe?

We are closely following the statistics and information related to COVID-19 around our community.

Our company is making sure that we design the promotional bags in a clean place. We disinfect our workplace to minimize the spread of the virus. Furthermore, we have a limited number of workers who are working. It is mandatory to wear a mask and gloves. This helps to curtail the spread of the virus.

If you have any questions regarding where we get our supplies from, you can always ask us. Also, if you have any other concerns about how the present circumstances affect your use of promotional products, please feel free to contact us. We will be available to answer all your queries.

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