Creating Unique Promotional Items- Customize Lunch Bags!

Creating Unique Promotional Items- Customize Lunch Bags!

No matter how tiring or boring their job is, lunchtime is everyone’s favorite. Therefore, custom lunch bags are the coolest promotional items. They make perfect gifts or giveaways for corporate clients, employees, and partners.

Who can use Custom Lunch Bags?

Custom lunch bags are one of the most popular and unique promotional items, and many businesses and industries can use them.

1. Grocery Stores

Use logo printed lunch bags for promotions and free giveaways. This is great for boosting your sales and get your customers excited to shop at your store.

There is something super exciting about getting freebies at the grocery store, and no matter how little the gifts are, people come pouring in.

2. Coaching Lessons

Students and players are always on the move, and always hungry. The custom lunch bags make the perfect and practical giveaways from coaching schools.

Students and coaches can carry their fresh and healthy meals with them wherever they go, and at the same time, they market your brand by carrying the bag around.

3. Farmer’s Market

If you are like us, you love the freshness and feel of the farmer’s market. But imagine things were extra exciting, and with each $50/75 purchase you get a custom insulated lunch bag. Sounds exciting, right?

There you go, treat your customers with unique promotional products, and keep them coming for more.

4. International/National Trade Show

Trade shows are a great place for customers and businesses to meet prospective partners and find new recruits. Therefore, a lot of people, small businesses, home businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations visit and participate in trade shows.

There, surprise your target consumers/businesses with these cool promotional bags. The custom lunch bags will leave a lasting impression and give you more exposure.

5. Corporate Raffle Gifts

Whether you are hosting an expo, a trade show, or an employee retreat, games are a must to keep your audience engaged and entertained. In these instances, you need lots of prizes to share with others.

What if the prize you give them brings you more visibility? That’s where custom lunch bags come in.


Interested in Getting Custom Lunch Bags?

Here are some tips to help you choose and personalize a lunch bag for your event.

· Choose a Custom Lunch Bag with Insulated Material

It’s a lunch bag, it is supposed to keep your food fresh and at an optimal temperature. Therefore, choose a lunch bag that comes with an insulated liner.

· Get a Custom Lunch Bag that is Waterproof

Your customers or employees will thank you when they receive their waterproof lunch bags. Life seems so much easier when you don’t have to worry about spills and messes.

· High-Quality, Rugged Lunch Bags

The lunch bag must be sturdy. For this, we recommend choosing polypropylene bags. They are durable and can hold heavy food items and beverage cans easily.

· Choose Bags that are Easy to Wash

With food items and drinks, there are always stains, spills, and messes. Therefore, it is best to use custom lunch bags made of nylon. They are easy to clean or wash.

· Tear Resistant Lunch Bags

For students, players and hikers, you need an all-in-one lunch bag. It should be tough, stain-resistant, water-resistant, and tear-resistant. For such properties, lunch bags made of canvas are a perfect choice.

· Order Custom Lunch Bags in your Budget

If you are looking for lunch bags that are great in quality but also come at a cheap price, then choose lunch bags that are made of Polyurethane. Polyurethane feels soft and squishy but it is strong and affordable.

Therefore, many businesses prefer custom lunch bags made of Polyurethane.

Other Tips for Getting the Best Custom Lunch Bags

  • Save moneyby getting your logo printed in one color only. When you choose multiple colors for printing the logo, the cost of customizing increases per bag. Although the increase may not be a lot, you can still save more choosing one color.
  • Choose a color that pops, so your logo and message stand out. We recommend using black color for printing on light-colored lunch bags, and white color for printing on dark-colored lunch bags.


Last Word:

Custom lunch bags are unique promotional products, and you can use them to market your brand. Use the tips we shared to get the best custom lunch bags at affordable rates. Take a look at our vast collection of lunch bags here.

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