7 Top Industries That Love Promotional Products!

7 Top Industries That Love Promotional Products!

The promotional items industry is huge. From the sports water bottle you take for your morning jog to the notepad in a hotel, promotional products are everywhere around us. We don’t realize it but these brands are subtly reminding us of them whenever we use their bag, pencil or mug.

Have you ever wondered which industries use promotional bags as a part of their marketing campaign? There is a wide range of industries that use promotional products for business promotion. It would be nearly impossible to name an industry that doesn’t benefit from using promotional items. According to PPAI, nearly 7 in 10 brands claim that promotional items are almost always effective for reaching any marketing goals.

Today, we have managed to get together a list of the top industries that use promotional products to attract new customers. Read further to find out if your industry is on the list.

Top Industries That Use Promo Items

1. Real Estate

The Real Estate sector is one of the most popular consumers of promo items. They give out different kinds of promotional items to their clients. For example, promo bags, magnets, keychains, and calendars are popularly given away for advertising purposes.

2. Education

We all have a pen or bag from college fairs and seminars. The educational sector is also one of the most popular consumers of promotional products. They give out these items as gifts at school and college fairs, seminars, workshops, etc.. These gifts are an excellent marketing tool to promote education-related services and products.

3. Healthcare

The healthcare sector is an indispensable part of any community. But this doesn’t mean that healthcare professionals don’t need to advertise themselves. Like any other sector, there is a lot of competition in this sector. Doctor offices, outpatient clinics, hospitals, surgery centers and pharmacies love using marketing products for their promotion. You will find many bags, first aid kits, pillboxes and custom ice packs in healthcare settings. They do a great job of branding themselves using such merchandise.

4. Non-profit Organizations

Another huge consumer of promotional items is non-profit organizations. They love to use this marketing tactic to promote their cause. Many non-profit organizations cannot afford expensive marketing strategies to collect donations and community support. The power of promo products saves them here. Promo products help to draw people’s attention towards their organization. Items such as tote bags, reusable shopping bags, and messenger bags catch people’s eye and help to support their cause.

5. Financial Sector

The financial sector also loves promotional items. When customers open a new bank account or draw credit, banks often like to gift them an attractive bag, piggy bank, custom mugs, etc.

6. Professionals

Many professionals such as lawyers, accountants, architects, etc. cannot afford to go for expensive advertising campaigns to get the word out about themselves. Instead, they benefit from the power of promo products. They also like to give out executive promotional products to their clients. Such gifts go a long way and help to become a brand ambassador for the professional.

7. Travel Agencies

Travel agencies are also another big name in the promotional business. Many travel agencies and companies like to incorporate branded swag into their advertising campaigns. Also, their options for promotional items are unlimited. From a bag, to travel mugs, door hangers, keychains, magnets, calendars, headphones, and tumblers, the options for travel agencies are unlimited.

Do you belong to one of these industries? If you do, you can definitely take advantage of promotional items and make them a part of your marketing strategy. But have you ever paused to wonder why promotional items are so popular? What is their advantage? Let’s talk about a few benefits of using promotional items.

Benefits of Promotional Products

1. Promotional Products Are Cost-Effective

First off, promotional items such as tote bags, custom mugs, pens, etc. are one of the most effective and low-cost methods for marketing. Many companies like to use these low-price gifts to enhance their reach in the market.

2. Promotional Gifts Help To Increase Brand Recognition

Secondly, promotional products help to promote brand recognition. Promoting a company’s brand recognition helps to make it stand out as a brand and not just another company in the crowd. This, of course, helps to draw more potential customers towards the company.

From the logo design to the colors of the promotional item, everything about such a gift reminds the receiver of the company. Furthermore, if the product is durable, it will stay with the customer for a long time. This helps to enhance the brand’s visibility in the community.

3. Promo Items Help To Enhance Outreach

Everyone likes gifts. By using promotional gifts, brands can increase their outreach by many folds. Another point worth mentioning here is that promotional items have a vast reach as compared to many other forms of advertisement as they are relatively permanent. According to PPAI, more than 81% of people like to keep promotional products for more than a year. For example, a YouTube advertisement can only be run as long as you are paying for it. On the other hand, a promotional item requires just a one-time payment. Then, the promotional item will serve as an ad for the rest of its life. The top traits that any promotional product should have are fun, functionality, and trendiness. If you want to read further about the characteristics of choosing the right promotional gift, read more here.

4. Promo Items Work As Your Business Card

A promotional item is just like a business card for your prospective clients. In fact, it is even better than a business card. Unlike a business card, promo items will stay with the receiver for a long time and serve as a continual reminder of your brand.

Final Thoughts

Adding promotional products to your marketing strategy will always benefit you. You could keep going with occasional Christmas cards and emails, but with promotional items, you will be able to open a new door of unlimited opportunities for yourself. You will be able to put your name out in front of your clients, customers, prospects, employees, volunteers and donors.

Are you taking advantage of this opportunity?

If you aren’t, now is the right time to start. In no time, you will realize that this is the best choice for your business.

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