What Should You Put In Your Promotional Bags???

What Should You Put In Your Promotional Bags???

Everyone knows that promotional bags are a great way of marketing your business. Here a few statistics from PPAI about promo bags that will convince you to add them in your marketing campaign.

  • 8 out of 10 customers own at least one promotional gift from a brand.
  • 53% of these consumers use this promo gift at least once a week.
  • 60% of the people keep these items for up to 2 years.
  • Only 1 in 5 people will throw away a promo item.

Now that we have convinced you that promo items do work, let’s talk about the more important part.

How to make them work?

Is it enough to just throw promotional gifts at people’s face and expect them to show up to empty their wallets at your company the next day?

And, you guessed it…

It doesn’t work like that!

Bags are a great choice for promotional gifts as they give you space to show off your brand’s logo and colors. Promotional bags are quite versatile, practical and also come in handy. You can also make them cool, stylish and useful at a cheap price.

If you want your promotional gifts to work and bring business as the numbers promise, we have a few tips for you. Read on to find out all the secrets you need to know!

A Brochure

It goes without saying that your promotional gifts, such as bags, should carry your company’s brochure. If you don’t tell your customers about your company, how will they ever come and purchase anything from you?

The brochure should include a complete detail about your company’s products or services. You can also include any success stories of your company to convince the consumer that you are the one for them. And, remember, to write your contact too!

The Promotional Pen

If you look around yourself, you can surely spot a promotional pen. Everyone loves to get promotional pens. They will never lose their value. If you are giving away the gifts in any business environment, giving a pen is a great idea.

However, remember that it shouldn’t be a cheap pen that just doesn’t write. It should be a classy pen with top-notch quality. Something that speaks about your brand.


If you are on a long and boring business event, you could lure consumers in with food. Everyone loves free food. So, just place it in the bag and gift it to your customers with a smirk. They’ll smile back at you but they don’t know that they are going to come to your company tomorrow and empty their wallets!

Remember to assess the situation, including the season, type of event and demographics of your consumers before you choose what kind of food you will opt for. Because food is eaten quickly, not everyone might remember it. It can’t serve as a promotional product once it’s in someone’s stomach! So, make sure that you make it memorable.

Pro tip: If are willing to spend a little extra, consider branding the eatables with your company’s logo. It will not just look cool, but it will also be memorable for your customers.

Memorable Quotes

If you don’t want to spend extra money, you can add memorable quotes and inspirational tag lines in the promotional bags. This will give positive energy to the consumers and help to establish a great relationship in the future.

Your Own Product

If it is possible, you should also give away your own product as a sample in the promo bag. This lets your customers experience the product and see if they want it. If you are confident about the quality and you are targeting the right demographics, this strategy will give you a great return on investment.

If you want to learn about promotional products do’s and don’ts, you can read the article on our website. We also talk in detail about the traits of the best promotional products that will give you a great ROI.

How To Give Away Promotional Bags?

Now that you know about what to put in your promotional bags, it is time to talk about where to give them. This is just as important unless you plan to stand on the street and attract everyone towards your gifts!

Here are some ideas for giving away promotional products.

Corporate Events

A corporate event is the best place for gifts. According to Eventbrite, more than 1.3 million business events are held every year. This gives you a great opportunity to gift your promotional bags away to attendees and turn them into customers.


Competitions are a great place to giveaway such gifts. You can host a competition whenever you want. It can be a virtual competition or even an online competition on your website. If you want to spend some money, you can call people in.

When people have earned a freebie, they will keep it with themselves for longer and also cherish it more.

New Clients

New clients would also love to receive a token from businesses. Promotional gifts are a great way to welcome them and make them feel appreciated. Promo items will make them feel part of your company. It is also seen as a gesture of goodwill and establishes long-term relationships with clients.


Another great idea is to give away promotional gifts to clients. If you gift them a laptop bag or a reusable shopping bag, your employees will use them every day. This not only creates a great marketing opportunity but it also works to create a sense of belonging in your employees.

Furthermore, you can instill healthy competition within your team. For example, you can gift the Employee Of The Month with a special promotional gift.

Promotional bags are quite popular and everyone loves them. They are easy to product, fun and also cost-effective for marketing. If you follow these tips and use promotional products in the right places for the right people, you will be able to benefit from them immensely.

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