Your Guide to the Different Types of Bags!!!

Your Guide to the Different Types of Bags!!!

We’ve always talked about the benefits of promotional marketing and how you can use promo bags as a promo gift for your employees. Today, let’s talk about the different types of bags and small businesses can use them as part of their marketing campaign.

Hand Bags

Handbags are medium-sized bags that you need every day. They vary in size, shape and style. But one thing is common – you will need to carry a handbag every day to carry your phone, makeup, charger, etc.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are also known as sling bags. If you are going for a casual look, you can hang a shoulder bag on your shoulder and get going. These are usually smaller than handbags.

Hobo Bags

A hobo bag is a casual bag made with soft materials. It is usually large and has a slouchy shape. The best thing about hobo bags is that you can carry everything you need in a single bag and you won’t need to carry huge bulky bags.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are usually made of sturdy materials such as canvas and leather. They come in many styles and always give a casual look. Tote bags are also a great choice for any promo marketing campaign. You can get your company’s logo printed on the bag. And you can even choose the bag’s colors according to your brand identity.

Duffle Bags

A duffle bag offers a lot of space. Basically, its shape is flat from the front and rounded from the sides.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are medium in size, slightly bigger than duffle bags. They are also known as courier bags.


A backpack is the standard bag that comes with two straps and can be carried over your back. You can use it to carry books to school or even for traveling.


Satchels are classy rectangular shaped bags. They have a long strap and a flap on the front. You can hang a satchel on one shoulder or even wear it as a cross bag. Either way, it will look classy.

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags are shaped like a bucket and have a flat bottoms. They come with a drawstring closure and long handles. If you want to make a style statement, do try out a bucket bag.

Bowler Bags

Bowler bags have small handles and are usually rectangular. You can use them to carry anything, even your laptop if it fits. These bags are also made of sturdy material.

Doctor’s Bag

Doctor’s bags are large, with a flat bottom and frame on the top. They were originally used by doctors to carry their supplies on house jobs. But you can use a Doctor’s bag anytime you want to carry some luggage with you.

Laptop Bag

As the name suggests, laptop bags are used to carry laptops. They have specific compartments to carry the accessories, such as the charger, external storage device, USBs, wires, etc.


Wristlets are cute little bags with a small strap. Basically, they are a smaller version of the handbag and you can wear them on your wrist. They are especially useful for carrying your phone and other small accessories.

Makeup Bags

Makeup bags are specially made to carry cosmetics and makeup. They have specialized compartments so that you can organize all your makeup in a single bag.


A pouch comes in many shapes and sizes. Basically, it is a small-sized flat purse that opens with a zipper. You can even make a pouch at home and match it with your outfits.

If your brand is related to clothes are ladies’ fashion, you must try out pouches as a promo gift for your customers.


Minaudiere is similar to a case. It comes with a fancy chain and top closure. Usually, these cases are adorned with fancy beads and crystals. So, you can match them with your party dresses to complete the look.


A clutch is a small handheld bag. It does not have any straps. You can simply carry it in your hand. A clutch can be used to carry your phone, cards and some cash.

Saddle Bags

Saddlebags are cute bags with long cross-body straps. The name is inspired by the fact that they resemble the bags which are hung on the saddle of a horse. You can even attach your saddlebag to your bicycle if you are going on a cycling adventure.

If your business belongs to such an adventurous niche, you can order promo saddlebags and advertise yourself to a huge range of customers.

Foldover Bags

Foldover bags look cool. Basically, the bag will fold over itself. If you need more space in the bag, you can simply unfold it.

Beach Bags

Beach bags are made of sturdy plastic so that you can easily carry items to the beach. If you are looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly beach bag, do try out recycled beach bags. If you use eco-friendly beach bags for your marketing campaign, you will be giving out a wonderful message to your clients that they should be conscious of using eco-friendly items.

Shopping Bags

When talking about the different types of bags, it is impossible to skip shopping bags. Also known as grocery bags, they are essential to our lives. If you want to be eco-friendly, you must opt for shopping bags instead of plastic bags. They are made of cloth and can carry anything you need. If you have a sturdy cloth at home, you can even sew a shopping bag yourself.

Lunch Bags

We have talked about so many types of bags, let’s end our list with lunch bags. You can carry them to the office or even a picnic. Lunch bags usually come with an insulation layer to keep your lunch hot. If your business is related to food in any way, you must think about giving out lunch bags as a promo gift.

Final Words…

Now that you know about all the different types of bags, it’s time to order one for your marketing campaign. You can also get your logo printed on different types of bags and give them out to your clients on the basis of their interests. And, do not forget to put your brochure and other details in the bag.

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