100% Biodegradable Jute Tote Bag

100% Biodegradable Jute Tote Bag

Briefcase Bag:WW-1441

Material: Jute
Size:42w*38h*15d cm

Logo Size:4″h x 4″w on front
Logo Process:Silk screen

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Hand this 100% Biodegradable Jute Tote Bag out at your next promotional event!

  • 100% pure natural jute material
  • 25-in. cotton cord handles
  • Top button loop closure
  • 100% biodegradable
  • All of the colors available are made with azo-free dye and come printed with your one-color logo or design.
  • Be eco-friendly at your next promotional event with these tote bags!

Biodegradable jute tote bags are more than carriers – they’re carriers of meaning, values, and identity. By gifting them to employees, collaborators, customers, or event attendees, you create a network of brand ambassadors who carry your message beyond the digital landscape.

Embrace Sustainability with the 100% Biodegradable Jute Tote Bag!

Jute is a natural fiber derived from the bark of the jute plant.What makes jute an eco-friendly material is its strong resistance to pests and diseases, which significantly reduces the need for pesticides and fertilizers during cultivation.

Unlike synthetic or plastic-based bags, jute tote bags are completely biodegradable. This means that when disposed of properly, they break down naturally over time without leaving harmful residue behind. This makes them a perfect choice to avoid contributing to the ever-growing landfill problem.

Another advantage of jute tote bags is their durability. Jute fibers are incredibly strong, making these bags sturdy and capable of carrying heavy loads. This makes them an ideal choice for grocery shopping, beach trips, or any other activity that requires a reliable and spacious bag.

Furthermore, the production of jute tote bags also supports sustainable practices. Jute plants are available to help improve soil fertility, making them an excellent rotation crop for farmers. Additionally, jute cultivation provides employment opportunities for many rural communities, contributing to their economic development.

WWBAGS also offers free 100% Biodegradable Jute Tote Bag samples, and price breaks for larger quantities.

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