Getting Ready for Back to School during the Pandemic

Getting Ready for Back to School during the Pandemic

It’s finally back-to-school time! So, it’s time for gifts and surprises. You can give your students and staff members promotional items such as logo bottles or custom hand sanitizers for gifts.

Even though there is a long summer vacation every year, 2020’s summer vacations are going to make it to history books. Finally, it’s the school year again. It’s a huge relief for parents, and, surprisingly, kids too. Finally, they can get some normality in their life. So, let’s discuss some tips to celebrate this time. How? You may ask? We have the answers! Dive straight in and let your mind buzzing with ideas.

5 Cool Ideas to Make Back-To-School Fun & Exciting

Custom Hand Sanitizer

Even if children are going back to school, it doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over. It’s still lurking in the shadows, and we need to keep it there – in the shadows. It shouldn’t come raging back to the public. For this, the number 1 solution is a custom hand sanitizer. Make sure that your child takes a custom hand sanitizer to school and uses it properly.

Promotional Items

It’s time to give your kids some promotional items as gifts. You can get custom-made t-shirts or logo bottles for them. A great idea is to promote social distancing tips to keep everyone safe.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Stay Away Corona!
  • Stay Healthy.
  • Go Away Germs!
  • Stay Calm & Study

Such cute messages on promo items will not just educate children. They will also boost their motivation towards studies.

If your school has opened, you can present these promo items to the students on the first day. Even if the school is closed, you can mail small promo items to your students, as well as your faculty members.

In this way, you will be setting a positive image of your school within the community as well. So, it will be like free publicity with these promotional items.

If you are looking for ideas for promo items, you can try out promotional bags or logo bottles. The students (and faculty members) can also bring promotional bags to school.

Celebrate Costume Week

If the school is reopening in your area, you can celebrate costume week with the faculty and students. If it isn’t, you can still do an E-Costume Week! How? Simply email the class about the schedule of the costume week. Then, ask them to upload their pictures on Google Classroom. A bonus idea is to upload these pictures on your school’s Facebook Page as well. The students can also upload their pictures with the school’s promo items. This will send a great message to your community.

Another bonus tip is to celebrate Uniform Day from homes. Set aside a day when everyone is supposed to wear uniforms for their online classes.

Here is a list of ideas for your costume week:

  • Crazy Hat Day
  • Ugly Tie Day
  • Harry Potter Day (or other movies/books characters)
  • Superhero Costume Day
  • Villain Day
  • Pajamas Day
  • Red Day
  • Zombie Day
  • Halloween Day
  • Uniform Day

You can also give extra credits to students who have the best costume. Who says going back to school isn’t fun?

Movie Day

If the students are learning from home, assign a movie to the class. Then, you can discuss the movie the next day. Another great idea is to let the students watch the movie together. You can stream it on your school website and share the links with your students. It will be a great time spent together.

Fitness Day

You can also organize a fitness day for your students. Encourage them to post a short video of their favorite routine. You can even give the students small fitness challenges such as pushups or planks. This will keep the students active and healthy while they are at home.

Wrapping Up…

You can try any of the above ideas for your students. If your school has reopened, present the students a promo item as a gift on their first day. This will keep them excited about school.

If your school is still going for e-learning, you can post a promotional item such as custom hand sanitizer, logo bottle, or promo bag to the students’ homes. Also, fun activities will help to boost the students’ motivation while they are at home.

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