Coolest Promotional Items for Generation Z!

Coolest Promotional Items for Generation Z!

The next rising group of consumers that every company needs to focus on are Generation Z people. These are the individuals born between 1995 and the mid-2000s time period. Today, these individuals will be between 7 to 22 years old. They make about 40% of the consumer base in the market. Therefore, you must market your products to them as well. Here are some ideas for promotional items for Gen Z individuals.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Gen Z individuals grew up with technology in their hands. The first iPhone came in 2007. Most of the Gen Z were kids at that time.

If you give out cool smartphone accessories to Gen Z, you can surely win them over. Did you know that an average Gen Z individual uses their phone for at least 15.4 hours per week? You could benefit from this too.

Power Banks

Power banks are also a great promo item for your Generation Z consumers. They use their smartphones heavily so a power bank would be their favorite gift. Also, a power bank would be used much more than boring promo gifts. Therefore, it would fulfill your marketing and advertising purpose as well.

Promotional Bags

Most of the Gen Z folks are in schools, colleges, and universities. Therefore, you could give them promotional bags as presents. When they use your promotional item regularly, it would increase your company’s brand awareness.
Therefore, giving out promo bags could be a great investment in your brand’s marketing.

You can give our different types of promo bags. For example, promotional backpacks, laptop bags, cool tote bags are great options.

Promotional Shirts

You can also give out promotional t-shirts to your Generation Z customers. Many Gen Z consumers like comfortable and simple t-shirts. You can also add aa cool quote with your company’s logo on the short. Another excellent idea is to personalize the t-shirt with your brand’s colors. This would be great for spreading brand awareness.


Gen Z is a group of growing individuals. Some are still studying, others are employed. Planners are a trendy item that many people in this generation utilize. Whether it is to keep track of school assignments or social schedules, planners are quite popular.

Did you know that the use of planners increased by about 10% in the past few years, even though smartphones became more popular too? This means that many people like to use hand-written planners to make schedules and to-do lists instead of using a smartphone app.

If you want to target this consumer base, you can give out cool planners with your company’s logo and name on them. You can also include motivational quotes relevant to this age group.


Generation Z could be the untapped market of your potential customers. If you are interested in this demographic, you need to keep in mind what these individuals are interested in. By giving out such promotional gifts, you could attract this audience towards your company.

Which one is your favorite promotional item?

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