Why You Need Promotional Gifts At Trade Shows!!!

Why You Need Promotional Gifts At Trade Shows!!!

Promotional gifts make for the best staff or customer gift. They serve as cool collectables for your customers and a way of marketing for your business. With top-notch quality and stylish design, promotional bags can be the best marketing tool for your company. Read on to learn why you should give away promotional gifts at trade shows.

Why Trade Show Giveaways Are So Important?

Brand Visibility

Trade show giveaways can be a cheap way of increasing brand visibility. You don’t have to go for expensive online marketing campaigns that eat as much money as you put in and there’s no end. Rather, with a trade show, you can get all the brand recognition and visibility you want, all for free.

Another great idea is to let your customers choose their favorite promo item from a basket. This lets them choose what they like and you know that your promo item will be put to good use. Chances are that if the customer chooses the item himself, he will also use it in public. This means more publicity for your brand and that too at no further expense!

Maximize Traffic

Promotional gifts are like magnets for people. According to PPAI, consumers get a more favorable impression of your brand when they receive a promo item. So, they are important when you want to attract the attention of large crowds at tradeshows. The more the people you have at your booth, the better impression everyone will get about your brand.

Also, remember that you shouldn’t just give away any gifts. Rather, your gifts should stand out and appeal to your customers in the middle of many other brands who are handing their own items.

Useful and Cool Promotional Items

You should add a logo of your brand to the bag. But, remember that the logo should not be too big that it puts the customers off. Instead, opt for a subtle way of advertising your brand while still keeping the item appealing. A great way to do this is to show off your unique brand colors and keep the logo small and simple. Another pro tip here would be to make the product look cool – something that sets you apart from the crowd (aka your competitors).

Furthermore, make sure that you aren’t just giving an old, boring promo item that isn’t useful for anyone. This will just be a waste of money. Instead, go for valuable items such as laptop bags, tote bags, travel bags, etc.

If your promo gift is visually appealing, your booth will easily get noticed even at a packed trade show and people will come to you. Whenever you are choosing your promo gifts, remember that they will represent your brand. So, the quality, design, style should be top-notch.

In this way, your customers will appreciate the item as a genuine gift from your rather than just seeing it as your way of marketing them. This will help to build a connection with your audience and intrigue them about you and your brand. This is the first step of forming a relationship with a client and the rest will be history!

If you want to read further on the do’s and don’ts of promotional products, we have many articles on our blog.

Increase Conversions

According to a study, nearly 80 percent of the people who get a giveaway claim that they would purchase the brand’s products or services. A pro tip here would be to smartly include information about your products or services and contact details in the gift. For example, if you are giving away a promo bag, you could easily slip a file inside the bag. Chances are that these customers will return to purchase from you. So, such giveaways help to increase conversion and thus maximize your ROI (Return on Investment).

Memorable Moments

According to a study by the Georgia Southern University, 71.6% of the customers who received a promo gift from a brand at a trade show remembered the brand’s name. This helps to create memorable moments with the customers. If the consumer has chosen the promo product himself, extra points for you! Always remember that you should not just give a promo product and be done with it. Remember to use the gift as a way of establishing a relationship with the customer. A great way to do this is to not give the promo product for free. Rather, ask the customer a question, a riddle even, and if he gets it right, he wins the gift. When the customers earn the item, they will be more likely to appreciate it and also use it. This not only improves your brand’s visibility and recognition but also creates memorable moments with the customers.

What Products Should Your Giveaway At Trade Shows?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by many small businesses. They don’t have the budget to invest in something expensive. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you should forget about promotional marketing. If you want to learn more about marketing in a tight budget for small business, read the article on our website.

Here are a few ideas for your next trade show!

  • Tote Bags – Tote bags are quite popular and an inexpensive option for trade shows. You can choose a variety of tote bags and place them in a basket in your booth. Your customers can choose the bag they want. A pro tip – remember to add your contact card inside the bag!
  • Reusable Shopping Bags– Everyone needs reusable shopping bags every time they go shopping. You could give away a high-quality bag that your customers can show off every time they go out.
  • Pencils and Pens– They are also good choices if you want to keep it cheap and simple. After all, everyone needs something to write with!

Trade show gifts are an amazing way of not only improving your marketing strategy but also making the event memorable for your potential customers. Trade shows can be the first step of establishing a relationship with your customers so make sure that you utilize the opportunity carefully! Good luck!


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