How to Clean A Promo Canvas Bag?

How to Clean A Promo Canvas Bag?

Everybody loves canvas bags. Whether it’s a brand or just an individual, canvas bags are in these days. Many brands like to use our canvas bags with their brand’s logo on them. It’s a great way of promotional marketing as everyone loves canvas bags. You can use them all the time whether you are going to work or for a casual outing. They’re even great for grocery shopping trips!

Canvas bags are versatile and have many purposes. Our canvas bags are also durable and made with top-notch quality material. This means that you can use them for quite a long time. But if you want them to last, you must know how to clean canvas bags properly. If you know the secret of cleaning it, you can keep it with you for many years to come!

First off, you must remember that canvas bags are very durable to daily wear and tear if you don’t clean them. Today, let’s talk about how to clean your canvas bag and keep it in shape!

Washing the Canvas Bags Safely

Before you start to clean the canvas bag, you must prepare it. Make sure that you remove any buttons, brooches, or pins from the bag. Also, open the zippers or buttons so that the bag can get cleaned from every side.

After you have emptied the bag, it is time to get rid of dust and external debris. The best way of doing this is to vacuum the bag to remove the debris. A table vacuum is usually helpful in this case. If you can’t vacuum it, simply shrug the bag to get rid of the debris.

Once you have prepared the bag, it is time to prepare the water. This depends on the type of material the bag is made up of. For example, if the bag is made with dyed fabric, it is not a good idea to wash it with water as all the dye will bleed out of it. In this case, you will have to go for wet cotton cloth. To check if the canvas bag is dyed, wet a small portion of the bag and place that part on a plain towel. If the color of the bag fades or bleeds onto the towel, it means that washing it with water is not the right option.

Removing Stains

The next thing that you need to check the canvas bag for is those ugly stains. If the bag has any blotches or stains, you will have to remove them before you start washing the bag. There are many ways to remove stains. For example, if it an ink stain, you can spray perfume over it and rub it. The stain will slowly fade away. If it is some other type of stain, you can try rubbing it with liquid detergent.

When you are using any detergent on the canvas bag, remember to test it first. Otherwise, the detergent may leave a canvas burn on the bag or leave a discolored patch. Once you have tested a small part of the canvas bag, use a damp cloth and rub away the stain.

If you don’t want to use a strong detergent, go for dishing washing detergent or soap instead. After you have applied and rubbed the stain, remove the detergent residue with a wet cloth.

Washing the Canvas Bag

Now, let’s talk about the real part of the cleaning – washing! Usually, plain white canvas bags can be washed in a machine. However, if the bag is printed with a logo or painted, it is not a good idea to throw it in the washing machine. Also, if the bag has any button or zipper decorations, it is not suitable for washing in the machine. In this case, you should wash it by hand.

To wash the bag manually, rinse it thoroughly with water. The easiest way to do this is to ‘fill’ the bag with water. The water will leak out from the sides of the bag. This will ensure that the canvas bag has been rinsed thoroughly.

If the bag has stains or it looks dirty, you can place it in detergent water for some time. To do this, mix some detergent in a tub of hot water and dip the bag in it. Leave the bag in the tub for a few hours. Do make sure that you test a small portion of the bag to see if the color bleeds out to do this.

Machine Washing the Canvas Bag

Another way to wash a canvas tote bag is to pop it in the machine. Let’s talk about a few tips for machine washing the canvas bag. First off, it is a good idea to wash the bag on its own, without other items. This is important because the color can bleed onto the bag from other items. Also, if the bag is printed or painted, go for cold water instead of hot.

Once you have rinsed the bag, it is time to dry it.

Drying the Canvas Bag

Many people find this part a little confusing as drying can take a long time.

Should I dry it by machine?

Should I iron the bag to dry it?

Should I just hang it on the clothesline?

Should I blow dry it?

The answer to all these questions depends on the material of the bag. The best way to dry any bag is to pop it in the machine. Make sure that you check the tag to see if the material is machine drying safe. Most canvas bags are not machine safe. In that case, you can dry it with a blower. Also, if the bag doesn’t have a printed logo, you can dry it with an iron.

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