Everything You Need to Know About Recycled Promotional Bags!

Everything You Need to Know About Recycled Promotional Bags!

With environmental issues haunting the world as each day passes, we must take steps to preserve nature. Even if our steps are on the micro-level, they can help to make a difference in the long term. At wwbags, we believe in just this. We aim to make our bags as eco-friendly as possible. So, let’s talk about recycled canvas bags today.
They are not just great for reducing our footprint on the environment, but they will also be affordable for your next marketing campaign.

Usually, the canvas is thrown into a landfill. We have opted for recycled canvas by reconstructing it and reusing it to make bags. You can use these recycled canvas bags for any purpose from tote bags to shopping bags. The luxurious feel of canvas bags makes them an amazing promotional item.

How is Canvas Recycled?

First of all, the canvas is separated from the materials left over after the production process. Then, the material is collected and deconstructed. Once the material is deconstructed, the next step is to weave the threads into a new fabric.

Furthermore, new fabric can also be made out of plastic bottles. This material can be used for anything from bags to clothing and pillow covers. The best use of this recycled canvas is bags. They make durable and sturdy tote bags, making them a great option for promotional marketing.

Because plastic waste is abundant (and harmful to the environment), it is the best option to reform it into a canvas. The synthetic material of plastic creates an eco-friendly fiber without any of the bad qualities of plastic waste. Furthermore, this is a relatively new technology and is not used widely. In the years to come, it will widely be used for creating a canvas.

According to statistics, billions of plastic bottles are thrown away each year in the USA alone. A huge percentage of this plastic waste is not recycled and thrown away into oceans or landfills, creating a major threat to the environment. With the prospect of recycling these bottles, this waste turns into something useful. Also, recycling canvas is the best for sustainability as well as quality.

The first step is to collect and wash the bottles. Then, they are chopped into small pieces and flakes. Once they are chopped, it is time to melt them down. Then, the melted plastic is transformed into fibers. Once the fiber is dried, it is woven into canvas fabric and then items such as tote bags. It takes about 10 water bottles to make a yard of the canvas.

Benefits of Recycled Canvas Fabric

Sturdy and Durable

The first and foremost benefit of using canvas tote bags is that it is quite durable. This is great for promotional marketing. Imagine this: if you use a low-quality promotional gift for marketing, your customers will not use it for a long time. On the other hand, consumers will keep a good quality promo gift for a long time. This gives you an opportunity for free marketing for a long time to come. Thus, canvas tote bags prove to be a great option.

Soft Fabric

When people first hear that the canvas bag is created out of plastic bottles, they think of it as hard and rough. On the contrary, recycled canvas bags have a soft feel. Moreover, when you know that using this bag is a step towards the war against climate change, it makes it the complete package.

Due to its softness, the recycled canvas is also used for making pillow and cushion covers. You must feel the luxuriousness of recycled canvas between your fingers to know how soft it actually is!

Reduces Carbon Footprint

The best-est aspect about using recycled tote bags is that they are a direct way of reducing our carbon footprint. Buying nonrecyclable items only adds to the carbon footprint of the world. However, it comes with a bagful of guilt.


Another benefit of using recycled materials is the advertisement aspect. Everyone wants to do their part in the war against climate change. By giving your consumers an opportunity to get an eco-friendly gift whenever they buy something from you, you will be able to increase your ROIs manifold.

You can also use the sustainability aspect while advertising your brand. By highlighting that your brand is working towards an environment-friendly world, you can attract many new customers. So, using recycled tote bags kills many birds with one stone! It is a win-win situation for your customers as well as your brand. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on promotional marketing and your customers can contribute to making the world eco-friendly. Amazing, right?

How to Clean Recycled Canvas Bags?
If you’re using a tote bag for picnics or beach trips, they will be prone to spills and dirty spots. So, this is a question that many people want to know the answer to before they purchase recycled tote bags. First off, you must remember that recycled canvas bags are much easier to clean.

If it is a small stain, you can easily spot clean it. Just use a wet cloth and rub it on the stain. If it is a tougher stain, you can also use soap to clean it.

Washing the tote bag is not always a good idea. If you must wash it, try to do it with your hand rather than by a washing machine to protect the fibers of the fabric. A useful tip is to wash the recycled canvas with lukewarm water rather than using hot water.

Also, remember not to use a machine dryer to dry the bag. Just leave it out to air dry it. If it is a hot summer, try to keep the bag indoors as the sun can drain out the color.

If you need to iron the tote bag, it is a good idea to iron it inside out so that the fibers do not get burned. Also, keep the iron to low heat to protect the fabric from any damage.

Final Words…

Now that you know about the amazing benefits of using recycled canvas bags, it is time to order them for your next promo marketing campaign. Order now at wwbags!

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