7 Traits of Great Promotional Gifts!

7 Traits of Great Promotional Gifts!


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Are you thinking of using promotional gifts as a marketing tool? Make sure that they are useful, relevant, top quality, durable, unique, and attractive. Click to read more.

7 Traits of Great Promotional Gifts

Promotional products are an affordable marketing tool to drive sales, boost profits and increase brand awareness. Even established businesses resort to free promotional items for advertising and marketing. If you are a small business or startup with a small marketing budget, promotional items are your way to go.

In a survey with the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 96% of the participants (there were a total of 1200) said that promotional items increase brand awareness. Furthermore, 83% of these people said that they were regular customers of the companies who gifted them these items.

As the statistics show, promo items are one of the most effective methods of marketing. However, you must be using promotional items the right way to have the right impact. Let’s talk about the key features and characteristics of a great promotional gift.

Here are the aspects that you should keep in mind before purchasing promo products for your company’s marketing campaign.

7 Characteristics of Good Promo Items

1. Customers’ Interests

A great promo gift should be according to the customers’ interests. You must keep your customers, potential clients and target audience in mind when you are deciding upon which promo product you should use. You should think about their age range and what will interest them.

If you are targeting Generation Z, make sure that your promotional gift items are according to their interests. You can give them power banks, promotional bags, t-shirts, planners, headphones, pens, etc. Here’s a detailed article about ideas for promotional gifts for Generation Z.

2. Usefulness

One of the key traits of a great promotional gift is that it should be useful to the consumer. You should not just keep your marketing goals in mind. Rather, you should also think about the usefulness of the item.

The recipient should take your promo item home, use it and even keep it. Unless it is something useful and valuable, no one will want to keep it.

3. Visibility

Another essential attribute that you should keep in mind is the visibility of the item. The end goal of the gift is promotion and impressions. In a nutshell, you do not want to choose something that is not visible to other people.

It is better to choose items that will be visible to others. T-shirts and bags are a great example of this.

4. Quality

The next characteristic we must talk about is the quality of the promotional item. It goes without saying that your promo items should be of top quality. Even though this such an obvious characteristic, many businesses overlook this aspect in favor of low costs. Remember, that your promotional product is a representation of your company. It will create an impression on your consumers. If the gift is of poor quality, it would be a bad reflection on your company’s image.

Also, if the promo product is not of good quality, it will not be used for a long period. Ideally, you would want your gift to stay with the consumer for a long time so that every time he looks at it, he will think of your brand.

For example, if you are giving out promotional pens that quickly run out of ink, you will actually harm your brand’s image rather than improve it.

Therefore, quality is something that you cannot afford to compromise on. Make sure that your item is of top-notch quality.

5. Durability

When you are choosing a promotional gift for your customers, you must ask how long it will stay with your customers. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the item stays with the recipient for as long as possible.

Therefore, it is a good idea to give out custom aluminum water bottles or bags that are durable.

6. Company’s Logo

Your promo item should have your company’s logo on it. Without that, only your customer will know that the bag they carry to work every day was a gift from your company. Others will not know about this. If you want your marketing to go a long way and create long-term impacts, you must have your company’s colors and logo on the gift. It should represent your company.

Pro tip: Remember to not overkill it. If you are giving out a t-shirt, avoid putting a huge logo on it. In such a case, your recipient might never wear the t-shirt and your dreams of the promotion will go down the drain. Just slapping the logo on the t-shirt will not create enough brand awareness. You have to make sure that the t-shirt actually looks good. Your consumer should want to wear it.

7. Unique

Sometimes, plain old pens, pencils, letter openers, USB drives don’t work well enough. This is because these are the oldest tricks in the book and they just don’t appeal to customers.

Does this mean that you should not give popular promo gifts?

No! Absolutely not! You should give them, but with a twist. For instance, instead of giving the same old pencils that people will just end up misplacing, give them something cool. Mechanical pencils could be a great alternative. Everyone loves them. Instead of giving the same old pens, gift them with a phone case instead. If it’s pretty enough, you might not even need to put the company’s logo on it. Your recipients will show it off themselves. They will proudly tell everyone that they got the case as a gift from your brand.

You can also get nice designs for your promotional items. If the promo t-shirt or bag is attractive enough, your consumers will love to wear them. This would work as great publicity.

Checklist For All The Traits of Great Promo Gifts

ü Are your promotional items aligned according to your customers’ interests?

ü Are they useful?

ü Will they be visible to the public?

ü Are the products of top-notch quality

ü Are they durable?

ü Do they have the company’s logo and an attractive design?

ü Are they unique and desirable?


Do your promotional items meet all the qualities in this checklist? If yes, way to go! If not, you can use the tips in the article and improve your promo gifts. Make sure they are useful, relevant, well-designed, attractive and represent your company well. When these qualities are met, your customers will be like billboards for your brands. You will see the results in the form of increased sales and more profits.

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