7 Amazing Benefits of Promotional Shopping Bags !

7 Amazing Benefits of Promotional Shopping Bags !


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Looking for an affordable marketing tool that brings quick results? Promotional shopping bags will improve your sales, boost your profits and advertise your company.

  7 Amazing Benefits of Promotional Shopping Bags

Using reusable shopping bags can make everyone feel like eco-warriors. It makes them feel good as they are reducing the buildup of environmentally unfriendly plastic bags.

You could use these reusable grocery bags as a marketing tool for your business. Promotional shopping bags are one of the best marketing tools because they are practical, effective and flexible. They can help you create impressions, increase sales, boost profits and also boost your company’s image.

Let’s discuss why your business should opt for reusable shopping bags as the promotional item for your next marketing campaign.

Benefits of Promotional Shopping Bags

Effective Marketing Tool

These days, when businesses think of marketing, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. come to mind. They fail to realize that the old-fashioned promotional items are still a great tool for marketing. In fact, promo items are one of the most effective tools for marketing. They ‘speak’ for your brand and make a lasting impression on everyone who sees the promotional item.

According to ASI’s Global Ad Impressions Study, 85% of the people who have received a promotional item could remember the advertiser’s name. This statistic alone shows the potential of promotional bags in marketing.

The best thing about promotional shopping bags is that everyone will notice them. Every time people carry your company’s promo bag, you will get free publicity.

People carry grocery bags to many places – grocery stores, work, shopping malls and whenever they need a bag. In this way, hundreds of people will notice your branded shopping bags. This will have a far-reaching impact.

Budget-Friendly Marketing Tool

Advertising and marketing are undeniably expensive. Ads can cause you a fortune. The worst thing about them is that they only work as long as you’re paying for them. Once the money stops coming, the ads stop too. But don’t worry! You don’t have to break the bank to advertise your business. Promo shopping bags are at your rescue!

Reusable shopping bags are more budget-friendly and even more effective. They are cheap to make and cheaper to advertise. Check out some amazing options for your own logo shopping bags.

Long-term Impact

According to a study, people usually keep promotional bags for at least 11 months. Promotional shopping bags work like walking billboards. People may take them anywhere. Wherever they go, your branded grocery bag goes with them. This makes promo grocery bags the cheapest marketing tool you can imagine. Also, they are much better than any flyer, ad or leaflet!

Think of your promo shopping bags marketing strategy to last for at least 11 months. Every time your consumers use your custom reusable bags, they will think of your brand. Also, according to statistics, the bags will generate about 3,300 impressions every time your consumers use them. This means that this small investment will continue to pay off for a long time to come.

It’s a one-time investment that will have a much longer impact.

Guaranteed ROI

Unlike other forms of advertisements, reusable shopping bags have a guaranteed return on investment. In fact, the return is much more than you invested and it will be far-ranging.

For example, if one promo bag costs $1, this means that you are spreading your brand’s awareness to about 3,300 people for every single time your consumers use the bag. Imagine how this number will multiply every time your consumers use the bag. Amazing, right? So, if you’re looking for concrete results, promo shopping bags are the way to go.

Brand Loyalty

Reusable shopping bags don’t just create brand awareness and impressions. They also foster brand loyalty. You can think of these bags a token of loyalty from your business to your customers. They help to establish a relationship between you and your customers. According to research, 50% of the consumers are likely to do business with a company who gifts them promotional items such as bags. You could utilize this crazy statistic and take advantage too.

Next time your customers are thinking of purchasing something, your brand will be at the front of their mind. Your brand will be the first thing that they think of. Because you gave them a gift on their last purchase, they will want to buy from you again. What more could you want?

Boost Your Company’s Image

Think of this: Your company is giving out reusable shopping bags to reduce the global impact of plastic bags. That’s great, isn’t it?

This will boost your brand image. Even people who don’t actively do anything to help the environment will appreciate your efforts. These simple promo bags work as an excellent strategy to build your company’s image in the community. It also fosters trust in your company. If you want to show your potential clients, customers or partners that you are the best, this is the best way to go.


Custom bags are also quite versatile and unique. You can get different designs according to your potential clients’ interests. For example, if teenagers are your target audience, you can gift them bags with cool and trendy designs. This will attract your audience and help you reach your marketing goals quickly and effectively.

Where Can Your Use Promo Shopping Bags?

You can use the promo bags anywhere. For instance, give out a promo bag to each employee. They can use it for grocery and shopping.

You can also give it out at exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and any events that your company hosts.

Promo bags are also a great opportunity to give out your company’s brochures and informative material. Bags can also act as a double promotion; you can give out both informative leaflets and the promo bag.

Purchase Your Own Branded Reusable Shopping Bags

Want to purchase your own custom reusable bags? We’re here to help you out! You can purchase reusable bags with your brand’s logo on them. Once you use these bags in your marketing campaign, you will see how your sales skyrocket!

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