Promotional Products – A Thing Of the Past?

Promotional Products – A Thing Of the Past?

In today’s world, many businesses focus only on online marketing. They think that advertising tactics like promotional merchandise don’t work anymore. Many business owners believe that promotional products are a marketing tool from the last century and, today, social media is everything. This cannot be far from the truth.

This doesn’t mean that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media are not good platforms for spreading the word. In fact, they indeed allow you to tap into a much bigger market than any other marketing tool would let you. However, this does not mean that promotional products are old news. If you are using just online marketing tools, you will not be able to benefit from tactile marketing.

While social media is not everyone’s cup of tea, promotional products are quite simple to figure out. Even if you look around yourself right now, you will spot promo products around you. Before you actively started looking around, you might not have even noticed their existence. But, even that is a good thing. The brand of that product is so common for you that it is under your subliminal awareness level. But, when you go out for shopping, that brand will be the first thing that will pop out to you because you are so used to it. In this way, promotional products still generate a great ROI, brand recognition and reinforcement – all at a very cheap cost. Furthermore, promo products have a generation-wide appeal that is sometimes hard to find on online marketing platforms.

Let’s compare tactile brand marketing, such as promotional products, and online marketing in further detail.

Online marketing tools, such as Facebook ads, have a significant reach. But, the potential is much lower. When a potential consumer sees an ad while browsing on Facebook, chances are that he or she will just skim over the ad and move on without a second glance. This is because we are so used to seeing ads everywhere online that we no longer pay much attention. On the other hand, you cannot ignore a promo item that is in your hand. Furthermore, when the promo item is a free gift from a brand, you don’t have any reason to decline it. Therefore, tactile marketing has the potential to leave a more lasting impression.

Another reason why promotional products are still beneficial is the price. With promo products, it is a one-time investment. You have to spend money on the products only once and they will serve as an advertisement forever without any further costs. Of course, this is not the case when it comes to online marketing. If you are using Facebook or YouTube, you will have to pay an amount every time you want to run the ad. Over time, it can get quite expensive. However, with promotional bags, you just have to do the initial purchase and your customer will become the brand ambassador.

In this way, a promo item can open the gateway to different kinds of audiences as well. Slowly and steadily, promotional products will spread brand awareness and recognition. Before you even know it, your business will start flourishing.

Another thing about the promotional industry is that it is continually expanding. It isn’t a simple branded pen anymore. From useful items like bags to memorable mugs, the industry has a lot to offer. If you want to invest in promotional bags, there is a huge selection of unique and memorable items out there. For example, you can go for a promo school bag for children, a fancy tote bag for university students and a classy laptop bag for adults. Remember that the promo gift must be of top-notch quality so that it serves its purpose well. From the potential visibility of the promo item to your customers’ interests, there is a lot more to consider before investing in promotional items. If you want to learn more about the characteristics of a good promotional bag, click here to read a more detailed article on it.

Here are some benefits of using Promotional Items.

Benefits of Using Promo Items with Online Marketing

Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that promotional gifts aren’t just good for increasing your customers? In fact, they are great for customer satisfaction too.

According to a survey by PPAI, promotional products create a huge impact on customers. Around 83% of the people claim that receiving promo items from a company gave them a positive impression. Furthermore, about 53% of the people in the survey stated that they use promo items quite frequently. This makes promo items a great tool for brand awareness.

The Advertising Specialty Institute did a Global Ad Impression Survey to see which promotional items people get the most. According to the results, 50% of the people received promotional bags, 58% received promotional t-shirts and 50% received promotional paper products. These statistics show the popularity of promo bags. With such a huge industry, it makes sense to invest in them.

If you want to read more interesting statistics about promotional items, click here.

Great Value

Promotional products aren’t just a cheap marketing tool. They offer excellent value for your money as well. As discussed earlier, they have a much more massive reach as compared to a simple social media ad. Also, promo items offer more value than a bland ad. So, the value goes both ways – both you and your audience get an immense return on investment.

You can also use promotional items to gift to your employees. This will set an incentive for your employees to perform better at the workplace and still serve as an advertisement when your employees will use the promotional item.

However, you must make sure that the promotional item is good enough.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know that promotional items are not a thing of the past, it is time to invest in them. Also, remember, a promo items campaign can do a lot to boost your online marketing. Both can complement each other and boost your sales.

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